Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce


The Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce website is a primary resource for business people in CW and also a resource for finding businesses in CW.

The text and image content of the site is maintained entirely by the small office staff at the Chamber.

The site features various photo galleries of Chamber events, the ability to create and manage forms for registration for various events, membership application and renewal including membership payment online, support for forums and blogs, and listings of member businesses by name and category.

All features are part of the Loney & Associates content management system and are completely and seamlessly integrated within the look and feel of the site.


The CMS supports a membership database function which describes the services and/or products supplied by the member businesses in Centre Wellington.  The business information is accessible by business name as well as product or service category.

The staff at the CW Chamber office manage the Chamber membership database from within the CMS functions.

Each member of the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce has a private login to the site intranet.

This element of the site allows members access to page and document information not available at the public site.  This allows for meeting and committee management functions as well as internal discussion groups.

It also allows each member to maintain the publicly visible information regarding the member's business as they wish.

The CMS allows many different views of the site depending on the client's requirements.  Each person who logs on can have one or more permission sets that will determine the view of the site they receive.

CWCC Businesses by Name

The website is fully responsive.  It collapses and expands to respond to all display devices including smart phones, tablets and large and small desktop displays.

The content created by the client is automatically reused in each display environment which means that they only need to maintain one web environment.

CWCC Responsive