Dr. Dan Dalton and Associates


Dr. Dan Dalton and Associates offers comprehensive psychological, counselling and assessment services in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout south central Ontario.

Their website was designed to be a significant part of their marketing plan and to provide their clients the ability to locate therapists over a wide geographical area and within a very comprehensive set of skills and services.

To do this, a great deal of attention is paid to the site navigation and the 'Find a Therapist' function.

The CMS allows Dalton staff to manage the navigation system and page content as needs require.  Working with a search engine optimization company, page content, keywords and descriptions can be changed as needed to provide informative page metatags by Dalton staff.

The CMS supports a therapist database function which describes the services, skills, and office locations of each therapist.

Site users can access information about therapists by city, region, skill set, service offered, language spoken, or any other data point required within the practise.

The results of these searches are displayed visually using integrated Google Map technology, a service that is bundled within the CMS suite of services and automatically generated from the location information in the search result set.

Users have the ability to select individual therapists from the search result list and view detailed information about the therapist.